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We have unlearned Death

We have unlearned Death

People die in Hospitals or nursing homes. They don’t die at home any longer. We rarely have the time to take care of a sick or dying person hence we pay people to do it. And we pay people to take care of death. We are trying to stay as far away from the process of dying let alone exposing ourselves to deal with dead bodies.  We don’t sit beside a dead body, we don’t wash and dress the corpse. We show up when this whole process is finished and maybe we leave the coffin open to get one last look at the body that has been dressed up and prepared for us in a manner that we are able to bare.

We pay people to kill animals and process their meat into products that haven’t the slightest resemblance of dead flesh any longer. We keep death in a safe, bearable distance.  

Death is sanitized. 

We can’t respect, cherish and appreciate life if we try to shield ourselves from dealing with death. This is no “back to the roots” appeal. I just want to point out that we learn and understand things by touching them. That’s how Babies explore the world around them, touching, tasting, feeling. We can’t shield ourselves from the pain that is immanent in death however we can allow ourselves to get a better and more respectful understanding of life and we can give our grief an appropriate space by letting death closer to us.

What is gross about touching a dead body? We “dress” dead Turkeys at least once a year. We touch our steaks and roasts, we even eat that stuff. What is so terrible about having a corpse in the house until we are ready to say our final goodbye?

Understanding death is fairly impossible if we try to stay away from seeing the last breath, from feeling how all the sudden all life leaves the body. It not only detaches us from dealing with our pain and grief more important it takes a huge junk away from understanding and respecting life.
In theory we do understand that without death there is no new life. In praxis we have wandered far of the track. And by trying to avoid inevitable pain we have deprived ourselves of a precious experience.

Understanding does not take any pain nor does it make the grief any more bearable however going through the entire process fearless, with open eyes and an open mind will shed an entire new, beautiful light on living as well as dealing with the living souls on this planet. 

(c) Britta Goetz - Tiphareth Tarot&Astro


Mundan Astrologie und Weltlage - "Aus der Finsternis wird schließlich neues Licht entstehen"

Gedanke des Tages:

"Aus der Finsternis wird schließlich neues Licht entstehen"

Wussten Sie, dass wir uns mundan astrologisch gesehen, im selben Zyklus befinden, den die Menschheit während der beiden Weltkriege erlebt hat?

Die Graphik nach André Barbault (vgl. "Index des zyklischen Gleichgewichts -> "übersetzt" die Aspekte von Pluto, Neptun, Uranus, Saturn und Jupiter in graphisch auswertbare Indexzahlen.

Wir sehen deutlich, wie negativ der Index zur Zeit der beiden Weltkriege Anfang letzten Jahrhunderts war und dass wir uns in eben dieser Qualität befinden, wenn wir den aktuellen Index betrachten. Wir sehen einem weiteren Abwärtstrend entgegen, bevor wir ab 2020 mit einem Aufwärtstrend und dem Beginn einer neuen Ära rechnen können.


The True Magician - Thought of the Day

Thought of the day:

The True Magician

A true Magician will never turn against or condemn a Religion or Cult since he/she acknowledges the System of every religious group or circle serving the purpose to lead believers to God. The true Magician also knows the flaws of every Religion but does not judge another individuals path but rather understands the importance of that belief for the personal growth of the Believer.

According to Franz Bardon / Hermetics

Der Wahre Magier - Gedanke des Tages

Der Wahre Magier

Der wahre Magier wird sich gegen keine Religion, Sekte oder Kult wenden oder sie gar verdammen. Er/Sie weiß um das System jeder religiösen Gemeinschaft, jeder Glaubensvereinigung, das die Anhänger zu Gott führen soll. Er/sie weiß ebenfalls um die Fehler einer jeden Religion und eines jeden Systems, doch der wahre Magier erkennt die Wichtigkeit für den Schüler, für dessen persönliche Entwicklung und beurteilt nicht den Weg eines anderen.

Nach Franz Bardon / Hermetik


America - We have to talk

America - We have to talk

I am not going into the political details of a possible Trump Presidency – anyone with a history book can conclude for themselves where an isolationist, nationalist and foremost authoritarian mind set will lead to – I am going to point out the aspects in his birth chart and I urge everyone to use google and find the definition of Neptune in the second house for themselves.

You may think of Astrology what you want, you may think it is mere guessing, not fact based however this Neptune theme in Donald’s chart is striking. What a coincidence it would be.
Donald’s Birth Chart in general indicates non conformism, a somewhat chaotic approach to tasks, even the good will to be helpful especially to friends (and he really seems to value good friends and friendships). However he has no stamina, no real will power to follow through and succeed. He is prone to conspiracy theories and his mind tends to wander off to far, far away galaxies and realities.

So far so good, what is really concerning - if he wants to be in Charge of an entire country - and seems to be proven absolutely correct by his business record:
Neptune in 2nd House. (Please feel free and google this.) 

He can’t deal with money. As soon as he gets his hands on funds, they are gone. 
Also Neptune is retrograde in his chart and indicates addiction, obsession of some kind.   Someone with these astrological traits is obsessed with money also obsessed with admiration, being admired. But neither will stay.

I would not trust my “found change jar” to someone who’s Neptune Theme looks like this, let alone any serious money or the economy of an entire country. Consider this before casting a vote in November, maybe?

Btw. I did predict 4 years ago that Hillary Clinton is our next President. I stick to my prediction.

(c) Britta Goetz - Tiphareth-Tarot&Astro


Giving Advice – Getting Advice

Why do people talk to a Psychic, Tarot Reader or Astrologer rather than talking to their friends?

They are looking for an unbiased, non-judgmental evaluation of their specific situation. They are not interested in what applies to anyone else, hence are looking for the sole answer that suits them and only them. 

As an Advisor you must be unbiased and free of any judgement. Your personal ideas, ethics or morals have no place in a conversation that is meant to solve the client’s issue. If it can’t be read from the Cards or Chart or if you do not find a clear answer, you are obliged to tell the person, that you are unable to answer. If you state your personal opinion or give personal advice, make sure that you clarify that what you are just about to say is nothing more, than your personal opinion. This is crucial and this separates good psychic advice from bad card reading. 

When getting a personal reading, always ask yourself if what you are told really applies to you, if it is something you feel comfortable with, something you resonate with.  If you feel, the advice given is something suitable for the 1950’s rather than for the modern age dating culture, it probably wasn’t read from the cards or elsewhere and reflects more of the personal opinion or experience of your advisor than it actually reflects the situation you deal with.

A good reading should always comply with what you feel comfortable with and the advisor must be able despite his or her personal beliefs, ethics and experiences to see you and how you feel in the situation, what you are capable of understanding or doing. It is unnecessary that the advisor understands or even supports you or your actions. The sole purpose of psychic or astrological advice should be to find the specific answer suitable for you and only for you. 

(C) Britta Götz